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Review Steven Wilson - The Harmony Codex

Will solo album number 7 once again be an object of discussion on the subject of pop? Is Steven Wilson presenting another prog-rock album with The Harmony Codex after all? Is it a mixture of both? Or is it prog-pop? One thing is certain: opinions will differ. But one thing is also certain: the album is a stunner. And in more ways than one.

Firstly, there is the breadth. The range of musical dynamics extends from the delicate, quiet sounds of Rock Bottom, which Wilson sings together with Israeli Ninet Tayeb, to the driving continuous fire of Beautiful Scarecrow or Impossible Tightrope. The opening song Inclanation quickly makes it clear that there is no fun to be had here. But it is fun.

At least that's the case when variety and sophistication bring joy to the listener. And when acoustic qualities play a role, for example the fullness that sound can have. Wilson has achieved a feat that, even with two loudspeakers, generates a fullness and width of space that is definitely impressive. In addition, his mix is balanced, which was not always the case. At least for my taste.

The ten tracks of The Harmony Codex reward the acoustic connoisseur with over an hour of playing time and ensure that an old adage finds a slightly different application:

Every end has a beginning?

Then let's press "Play" again...!

Steven Wilson, vocals, guitars, keyboards, sampler, bass, percussion, programming
Additional musicians:
Ninet Tayeb, lead & backing vocals
Craig Blundell, drums
Sam Fogarino, drums
Adam Holzman, keyboards
Jack Dangers, keyboards

(Thomas Semmler, HighResMac)

Steven Wilson - The Harmony Codex

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