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What the sworn jazz disciple really does not like is when a jazz musician, instead of constantly advocating the pure teaching of jazz, leaves jazz behind for a long time, poaching in the climes of pop and rock. Holly Cole belongs to this unfaithful species of female vocalists, who after so much loyalty to jazz, had been in the pop for just as long before devoting herself to jazz again. And even worse, you cannot be sure that she will not have a bit on the side. Fortunately, Holly Cole has enough fans, not least in Japan, being faithful to her and recognizing her escapades as what they are, namely a tremendous versatility, especially as Holly Cole performs as great in jazz as in pop. A platinum album and five gold albums as well as Juno awards for two of her jazz albums in her native Canada testify to her resounding success in jazz as well as in pop. The outstanding quality of the then Holly Cole Trio with pianist Aaron Davis and bassist David Piltch was reflected in Japan 1995 in the awarding of the Grand Prix Gold Disc Awards. This trio, which made furor with the albums Girl Talk and Do not Smoke among others, existed until 1995. After that began Cole’s solo career with the 1995 published album Temptation with songs of Tom Waits. This was followed by a more than ten-year-long period of pop albums, beginning with the covers of songs by Sheryl Crow, Randy Newman, Paul Simon and Prince, including excursions to jazz and the American Songbook.

A turn from pop back to jazz emerged in 2007 with Holly Cole, nominated the best vocal jazz album released in Canada in 2007, now re-released in the form of a DSD download in audiophile quality by the label 2xHD. This canadian label is one of the first labels to release albums exclusively in high-resolution file format, especially in DSD. The DSD edition of Holly Cole is based on the analog master of this album and its sound is highly superior to the originally released album. Holly Cole in DSD is an absolute must for all Holly Cole fans and the best way to get into the world of this pop and jazz singer for all, for whom Holly Cole is a novelty. The smoky wicked voice of the singer is accompanied in this album by a relatively small wind and brass dominated band of New York's top studio musicians. The arrangements of the songs are partly by Holly Cole himself and to other parts among others by pianist Gil Goldstein and saxophonist Marty Ehrlich. Some of the most brilliant gems on this album include the humorous song "The House Is Haunted by the Echo of Your Last Goodbye," the casually designed song "Charade," featuring an extra-portion fun song entitled "It's Alright with Me" and "Alley Cat Song". And on the whole: Holly Cole never sounded as good on Holly Cole as on this 2.8 MHz DSD download.

Holly Cole, vocals
Aaron Davis, piano
George Koller, bass
Davide DiRenzo, drums
John Johnson, horns

Holly Cole – Holly

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