Biography Yusan


The name ‘Yusan’ came about by chance, a contribution by a friend of the band. It is the Korean word for “legacy” and perfectly sums up the way they see their own music. From these “strong individual identities and a common legacy”, ‘Yusan’ makes its jazz travel from Caribbean music to African rhythms, through songs, gospels sounds and urban influences. This mix is the sextet’s signature, where everyone naturally finds his own place.

is an illustration of the ferment that reigns in the Parisian music scene. As a cultural and artistic crossroads, the capital brings together musicians from very different backgrounds, pooling their cultures to create a new sound.

The group was born in 2017 from the meeting of 5 musicians from diverse backgrounds: Romain Cuoq - saxophonist sideman and leader renowned on the French jazz scene, Kevin Jubert - pianist with a background in gospel music, who for years was musical director of the legendary group Gospel pour 100 voix, Gwen Ladeux - one of the most sought-after bassists on the French hip hop and soul scene, Mathieu Edouard - the versatile drummer of the moment, who plays with the big names in urban pop and is equally at home with Chassol and Clara Lucciani, and Ralph Lavital - a talented guitarist with a background in jazz as sideman and leader, as well as in pop and Caribbean music. These 5 musicians have been playing together for nearly 10 years, crossing paths through a wide range of projects, from jazz to pop, via urban and Caribbean music.

Yusan, which means "heritage" in Korean, offers a fascinating insight into cultural plurality through a blend of Caribbean, Afrobeat, jazz, soul and gospel music. His music transcends borders and brings musical worlds together to create a breathtaking sonic experience.

After a first EP released in 2021, which saw the track Chiraj covered by musicians from all over the world, Yusan unveils his first opus 'Ba Yo'. This Creole expression, which means both "for them" and "give to them", perfectly illustrates the generosity of the project.

The influences and itineraries of each musician are reflected in their collective compositions, where jazz blends with a variety of aesthetics. Equally at home on ballads or up tempo tracks, the group impresses with its precision and its cohesion on stage. Eloquent in its arrangements and improvisations, Yusan also gives pride of place to the voice, in songs in French, Creole and English.

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