Biography B-Five Recorder Consort

B-Five Recorder Consort
Barcelona, 2003. Five recorder students almost blow their teacher away. "This sounds so good," he says, "you have to keep playing together." That's what they do. Hailing from four different countries, they continue to visit each other after their studies. They buy an insanely beautiful set of Renaissance instruments, they mold their sound, and they start looking and keep looking. Today B-Five has become one of the best recorder ensembles in the world. Their organic sound, their superior craftsmanship, but especially their intense musicality, convince the press and public everywhere. Renaissance consort music is at the heart of B-Five's artistic soul. But just as often, B-Five takes on contemporary works composed to match their beautiful flutes. The players of B-Five set the standard for what a recorder ensemble can be concert after concert. Unique and intimate. Often melancholy, sometimes light-hearted and always deeply moving. On their latest recording B-Five present pavans and almaines by Alfonso Ferrabosco I & II.

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