Corbetta: La guitarre royalle Izhar Elias

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Label: Brilliant Classics

Genre: Guitar

Subgenre: Classical Guitar

Artist: Izhar Elias

Composer: Francesco Corbetta (1615-1681)

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  • Francesco Corbetta (1615-1681):
  • 1Autre chacone in C Major02:18
  • Suite in A Minor:
  • 2Suite in A Minor: I. Prelude00:36
  • 3Suite in A Minor: II. Allemande03:10
  • 4Suite in A Minor: III. Courante02:09
  • 5Suite in A Minor: IV. La victoire, sarabande01:54
  • 6Suite in A Minor: V. Passacaille02:47
  • 7Suite in A Minor: VI. Sarabande02:16
  • 8Suite in A Minor: VII. Gigue01:38
  • 9Suite in A Minor: VIII. Menuet01:13
  • Allemande in D Major:
  • 10Allemande in D Major02:11
  • Autre air de trompette in D Major:
  • 11Autre air de trompette in D Major02:13
  • Follie in G Minor:
  • 12Follie in G Minor02:38
  • Passacaille in G Minor:
  • 13Passacaille in G Minor02:47
  • Suite in G Minor:
  • 14Suite in G Minor: I. Prelude01:03
  • 15Suite in G Minor: II. Allemande03:14
  • 16Suite in G Minor: III. Courante01:40
  • 17Suite in G Minor: IV. Sarabande02:01
  • 18Suite in G Minor: V. Gigue02:21
  • 19Suite in G Minor: VI. Passacaille03:24
  • Chacone in C Major:
  • 20Chacone in C Major01:51
  • Sarabande in C Minor:
  • 21Sarabande in C Minor01:50
  • Passacaille in C Minor:
  • 22Passacaille in C Minor02:39
  • Gigue in C Minor:
  • 23Gigue in C Minor01:40
  • Caprice de chacone in C Major:
  • 24Caprice de chacone in C Major03:37
  • Total Runtime53:10

Info for Corbetta: La guitarre royalle

Francesco Corbetta (1615-1681) was an Italian guitar player, teacher and composer. First attached to the Mantua court of the Gonzaga family, he later traveled Europe as one of the first guitar virtuosos, finding an admiring welcome at the courts of Madrid and Hannover, finally settling at the court of Louis XIV. In later years he was also active as court musician to Charles II of England, dividing his last 20 years between Paris and London.

His early works were mostly strummed dance music, later he developed his style with complex harmonies and polyphony in the French taste.

Corbetta's magnum opus is titled La Guitarre Royalle, consisting of two books written for his two patrons (Louis XIV and Charles II). The rhythmic pattern of the court dances are embellished with French style ornamentations, the result being a highly sophisticated, folk music based instrumentation.

Dutch guitarist Izhar Elias is one of today s most sought-after specialists in Early Music, chamber music and contemporary music. He recorded several remarkable CD's for Brilliant Classics, to great international acclaim. He wrote the informative liner himself, in English and German.

Izhar Elias, baroque guitar

Izhar Elias
(Amsterdam, 1977) is one of the most sought-after specialists in early music, chamber music and new music for guitar.

He has given concerts, lectures, and masterclasses, and been the soloist in concertos with renowned orchestras, in Europe, Russia, south-east Asia, Australia and the USA. He won the prestigious Dutch Music Prize in 2011, the highest musical award given by the Dutch government.

Through extensive research, he has been able to recreate a musical language of the Baroque, Classic and Romantic periods using original instruments and historical methods.

He has also premiered over 50 works and mixes different artistic disciplines in his collaborations with choreographers, experimental film makers and theatre directors. In 2014 he premiered the double concerto Schattenspiel, for electric guitar, classical guitar and big symphony orchestra, together with the composer and heavy metal guitarist Florian Magnus Maier in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

Izhar Elias’ impressive collection of CD releases have earned him worldwide critical acclaim. To name a few of his albums: Rossini’s opera Semiramide transcribed by Mauro Giuliani (guitar solo, Brilliant Classics), Hommage à Debussy (guitar solo, Brilliant Classics), Big Eye movies and music (guitar, recorder and movies, Phenom Records), Paisiello in Vienna (guitar, mandolin and fortepiano, Brilliant Classic), Carrousel (guitar and clarinet, Sound Liaison), Sharkiya (guitar, mandolin and harpsichord, IMI).

Recently the album Guitar Vibes has been released (Brilliant Classics), with works for guitar and strings, celebrating the universality of the guitar. Belgian magazine Stretto called the album “a remarkably original and very very special CD”.

Izhar Elias is surrounded by many world class musicians. A few of his remarkable collaborations: Together with guitarist Fernando Cordas Izhar Elias specializes in performing early 19th century duo’s on historical instruments. He has a unique duo with Georgian clarinet virtuoso Levan Tskhadadze. He is member of trio Cordevento (with Erik Bosgraaf – recorder and Alessandro Pianu – harpsichord), which revives the virtuoso music from the 17th century, a repertoire often on the border of art and popular music. Cordevento has performed in many of Europe’s most prestigious concert halls and early music festivals, such as the Konzerthaus (Vienna), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Palais des Beaux-Arts (Brussels), Konzerthaus (Berlin), Concertgebouw (Bruges), and the Utrecht Early Music Festival.

Elias has studied with Ton Terra, the Groningen Guitar Duo, Zoran Dukic, Kees Hendrikse and Carlo Barone (19th century performance practice).The performance practice of the baroque guitar he learned from a.o. William Carter, Adrián Rodriguez van der Spoel and Lex Eisenhardt.

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