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  • Johann Schop (1590 - 1667):
  • 1Lachrime Pavaen05:38
  • 2Ground in D ʻper far la manoʼ02:58
  • Suite in B-Flat:
  • 3Suite in B-Flat: I. Preludio01:28
  • 4Suite in B-Flat: Alemanda01:15
  • 5Suite in B-Flat: II. Burlesca01:39
  • 6Suite in B-Flat: III. Pavana armoniosa01:23
  • 7Suite in B-Flat: IV. Il Russignolo00:58
  • Guitar Suite:
  • 8Guitar Suite: I. Preludio00:39
  • 9Guitar Suite: II. Minuet01:28
  • 10Guitar Suite: III. Jigg01:10
  • 11Guitar Suite: IV. Sarabanda01:27
  • 12Guitar Suite: V. Jigg. Adagio02:10
  • Suite in E Minor:
  • 13Suite in E Minor: I. Pavan04:31
  • 14Suite in E Minor: II. Almand01:39
  • 15Suite in E Minor: III. Courante01:29
  • 16Suite in E Minor: IV. Ayre01:52
  • 17Suite in E Minor: V. Saraband00:31
  • 18Suite in E Minor: VI. Jigg01:07
  • Suite in A Minor:
  • 19Suite in A Minor: I. Passaggio Rotto01:44
  • 20Suite in A Minor: II. Adagio02:06
  • 21Suite in A Minor: III. Movimento incognito02:10
  • 22Suite in A Minor: IV. Alamande01:30
  • 23Suite in A Minor: V. Sarabanda amorosa01:52
  • 24Suite in A Minor: VI. Andamento01:04
  • 25Suite in A Minor: VII. Gavotte01:28
  • Suite in D Minor:
  • 26Suite in D Minor: I. Ouverture03:14
  • 27Suite in D Minor: II. Farowel01:59
  • 28Suite in D Minor: III. Air01:57
  • 29Suite in D Minor: IV. Jigg00:43
  • Suite in D Minor:
  • 30Suite in D Minor: I. Preludio in delasolré terza maggiore01:23
  • 31Suite in D Minor: II. Andamento01:39
  • 32Suite in D Minor: III. Allemande01:49
  • 33Suite in D Minor: IV. Corrente02:03
  • 34Suite in D Minor: V. Aria01:30
  • Johann Schop:
  • 35A division upon a ground in F04:20
  • Total Runtime01:05:53

Info for Il genio inglese

The figure of prodigiously gifted violinist Nicola Matteis looms large in this program featuring composers active in Restoration England. Transplanted from his native Italy to London, he was one of a host of artists and performers from across Europe who flocked to the city and made a crucial impact on the country's musical culture. The artistry of Alice Julien-Laferrière and the members of the ensemble Ground Floor, demonstrates that this sumptuous and sonically seductive repertoire from the middle of the 17th century can truly hold it's own against the work of later masters.

"The stylish (and openly Europhile) young French ensemble Ground Floor, spearheaded by their own virtuoso, Alice Julien-Laferrière, gives scintillating readings of four highly polished suites, juxtaposing them with music equally well-crafted by fellow émigrés Johann Schop and Gottfried Finger, and native Englishmen Matthew Locke and John Banister." (Sunday Times)

Alice Julien-Laferrière, violin
Ground Floor:
Elena Andreyev, cello
Étienne Galletier, theorbo
Angélique Mauillon, harp

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