Polyphonies corses: Messe à Saint Jean Seraphica

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Label: Psalmus

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chant

Artist: Seraphica

Composer: Anonymous

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FLAC 96 $ 12.00
  • 1Ave Maria03:31
  • 2Repons Judea et Jerusalem05:30
  • 3Introit In medio Ecclesiae03:09
  • 4Kyrie04:59
  • 5Gloria07:16
  • 6Alleluia04:02
  • 7Sanctus02:44
  • 8Agnus03:02
  • 9Communio Exiit sermo02:29
  • 10Ite missa est01:27
  • 11Hymne Exultet orbis gaudiis08:08
  • Total Runtime46:17

Info for Polyphonies corses: Messe à Saint Jean

The Corsican Mass for Saint John is the result of a dazzling encounter between church singing and Corsican polyphony. Drawing its inspiration from Gregorian chant, mediaeval polyphony, and traditional Corsican singing, it brings us into an incredible timeless universe.

The spiritual Corsica is the result of an oral tradition that has almost disappeared. Monophonic and polyphonic tradition that has always left much to the 'song of the book', consisting improvising voices above and below the Gregorian melody.

Some groups, such Seraphica all, continue to perpetuate these practices, not in an effort to regain a lost past, but with the intention to enroll in the pursuit of a living tradition, which has never dried up and continues to produce treasures.

Missa Sancti Joannis, Corsica Mass in Saint John, is a current membership to all original made ​​by Jean-Etienne LANGIANNI, which draws its inspiration both in the Gregorian Mass Cunctipotens genitor Deus, used for feasts, in the medieval polyphony, and the most authentic harmonization practices of traditional Corsican song.

Ensemble Seraphica
Jean-Etienne Langianni, Conductor

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