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  • 1Wassup03:13
  • 2303-905-553503:14
  • 3Everything's Backwards02:21
  • 4Numb & Nervous03:27
  • 5Ambulance02:43
  • 6WYD Later/k. Interlude04:07
  • 7Takes Some Time02:46
  • 8November03:47
  • 9Facelift02:46
  • 10Innocent in a Sense04:03
  • 11Do U Still02:13
  • 12Don't Stop01:47
  • 13Plz Stop Stalkin Me02:20
  • 14F**K WOW HOLY SH*T02:54
  • 15The Intro02:15
  • Total Runtime43:56

Info for Everything's Backwards

Is there any line this guy won’t cross? Alec King is the kind of dude who rips bars about Wisconsin and god-awful ex-girlfriends with the same passion. He considers Curb Your Enthusiasm his “Torah.” He jumps into bathtubs with Porn Stars in music videos that he directs himself. He even went so far as to name his official debut EP, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, and its successor, Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (he backed up the latter with some heat). On the ‘gram, you’re just as likely to catch him in the shower as you are to catch him coloring with sidewalk chalk. This sort of personality endeared him to both fans and peers alike. Posting up 10 million-plus streams under-the-radar and attracting acclaim from Dancing Astronaut, he has collaborated with legends such as Biz Markie and modern stars a la Rich The Kid and Kiana Ledé. Not to mention, he did all of this D.I.Y. primarily relying on an in-house team. In 2020, he floods the game with a series of singles and more surprises.

Alec King

Alec King
Los Angeles-based rapper, producer, and songwriter Alec King is known for his witty, chilled-out mix of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. On tracks like 2019's "Larry David" and 2020's "Ur a Bitch and I Hate U Cuz U Broke My Heart" and EPs such as 2019's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 and Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, he combines his smooth flow, crisp productions, and sharp sense of humor into relatable streaming hits.

Born in Denver, Colorado in 1994, King developed an interest in hip-hop, rap, and studio production as a teenager. Following high school, he moved to Los Angeles and began posting laid-back, hip-hop-oriented tracks online in 2017. King first caught listeners' attention with his independent 2018 track "Visions," which became a streaming hit. After the success of that year's "Boy Do We Love Alcohol," the Heavy Group/Republic Records signed him in 2019. That January, his official debut EP, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, arrived and featured the Rich the Kid collaboration "Keep It Real" and "Never Write a Song About U." A month later, King issued Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, which included collaborations with Biz Markie on "Poltergeist" and Kiana Ledé on "Larry David" and featured production by Pink Sweat$. He remained busy into the next year, releasing the track "Dangerous" in January 2020 and "Ur a Bitch and I Hate U Cuz U Broke My Heart" in February. That May, he returned with "Way Up." (Heather Phares, AMG)

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