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Label: Fabra

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

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  • Orjan Matre (1979-): Crossing Patterns (2009)
  • 1Orjan Matre: Crossing Patterns 102:05
  • 2Orjan Matre: Crossing Patterns 202:03
  • 3Orjan Matre: Crossing Patterns 303:28
  • 4Orjan Matre: Crossing Patterns 402:05
  • 5Orjan Matre: Crossing Patterns 502:04
  • Jon Oivind Ness (1968-): Slow Dive (2007)
  • 6Jon Oivind Ness: Slow Dive11:27
  • Orjan Matre: Chaconne
  • 7Orjan Matre: Chaconne05:01
  • Henrik Hellstenius (1963-): The Argonaut, for violin solo (2010)
  • 8Henrik Hellstenius: The Argonaut08:34
  • Magnar Am (1952-): hugse (2005)
  • 9Magnar Am: hugse15:03
  • Tanja Orning (1967-): Swen (2010/11)
  • 10Tanja Orning: Swen07:47
  • Total Runtime59:37

Info for Crossing Patterns

Crossing Patterns is the second album from Violin and Guitar duo Twitter Machine, following up the debut-album from 2003. Lars-Erik ter Jung and Thomas Kjekstad have worked closely together with some of the foremost Norwegian composers, resulting in the collection of works on this album.

Crossing Patterns is an attempt at combining my usually intuitive approach to composing with a stricter, more schematic strategy. A freely composed material is cut up and repeated in a given, symmetrical pattern. Afterwards, the work is divided into five parts that breaks and disrupts the otherwise symmetrical form.

Lars-Erik ter Jung, violin
Thomas Kjekstad, guitar

Recorded June 2011 in the Church of Grorud in Oslo
Produced, recorded and edited by Geir Inge Lotsberg

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