Burn All My Letters (Music For The Motion Picture) Jacob Mühlrad

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Label: Warner Classics

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: Jacob Mühlrad

Composer: Jacob Mühlrad (1991)

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  • Jacob Mühlrad (b. 1991):
  • 1Mühlrad: In Retrospect02:07
  • 2Mühlrad: The Past01:16
  • 3Mühlrad: Aurora01:24
  • 4Mühlrad: Karin's Waltz01:10
  • 5Mühlrad: Fragility01:55
  • 6Mühlrad: Karin's Waltz (Lamentato)01:33
  • 7Mühlrad: The Voice Of Karin00:52
  • 8Mühlrad: The Play03:11
  • 9Mühlrad: Cogitate03:03
  • 10Mühlrad: Tears Of Olof01:12
  • 11Mühlrad: Fragments02:39
  • 12Mühlrad: A Nostalgic Mind03:43
  • 13Mühlrad: A Nostalgic Mind II02:39
  • 14Mühlrad: Contiguity03:13
  • 15Mühlrad: Genealogical Tree01:09
  • 16Mühlrad: Stanna01:56
  • 17Mühlrad: Karin's Waltz (Con Passione)01:15
  • 18Mühlrad: The Accident02:23
  • 19Mühlrad: The Constant03:58
  • Total Runtime40:38

Info for Burn All My Letters (Music For The Motion Picture)

He is a celebrity in Sweden and has already graced Vogue Scandinavia - even BBC Music Magazine cheered: "One of the world's most imaginative contemporary orchestral composers!". Jacob Mühlrad writes musical works that are performed at venues such as New York's Carnegie Hall. But he also produces high-profile advertising jingles and collaborates with pop music bands like Swedish House Mafia. Now the early-thirtysomething has written his first film score. The soundtrack to the new film "Burn All My Letters" by director Björn Runge is being released as an album and is the starting signal for the collaboration between Jacob Mühlrad and the Warner Classics label.

"Burn All My Letters" is based on the novella of the same name by Swedish writer Alex Schulman, a story full of stirring emotions. Jacob Mühlrad was amazed that director Björn Runge approached him with the idea: "For me, he is one of the most interesting filmmakers in Europe!" Some compositions arose spontaneously from the conversations he had with the director about the main character of the film: "Runge described her character to me in such depth that I felt I knew her. I tried to convey the subtle paradoxes and contradictions of her personality in such a way that the listener intuitively grasps the ambiguous nature of people and situations". The composer worked mainly with piano and strings for this, but also resorted to unusual musical means.

"A large part of my work is based on microtonal melodies and chords. This is something that is much more prominent in the Oriental musical tradition than in the Western one, but I think it creates these very interesting superimpositions," he says. The result is a film score for piano and strings over a rich, amorphous bed of sound. "I'm absolutely inspired by electronic music, in the sense that the instrumentation is abstract and you don't really understand the source of the sounds," Mühlrad says.

Jacob Mühlrad

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