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FLAC 96 $ 12.00
  • 1Au lever02:17
  • 2Le hongrois déraille07:27
  • 3Final opus variation01:30
  • 4Epistrophe04:52
  • 5La générosité n'attend pas06:24
  • 6Final opus06:58
  • 7Duo celli01:15
  • 8Immatériel06:41
  • 9Submergés variation02:32
  • 10Pour el ho06:53
  • 11La chambre rit03:50
  • 12Cordes tutti00:45
  • 13Submergés04:15
  • 14Prélude des cinq rameaux05:10
  • 15Un certain dimanche 2306:11
  • Total Runtime01:07:00

Info for Immatériel

For this new creation, Olivier Calmel makes the bet of a new band which sound is based on strings and percussions, and surrounded himself with exceptional musicians, soloists and improvisers, tightrope walkers. Pleasure, risk and sharing are the stakes of this encounter.

DOUBLE CELLI invites us to discover a chamber jazz where everyone knows how to preserve his own voice while putting it at the service of the band.

Acting sometimes as a duo, trio or even quartet for an intimate and passing encounter, the musicians constantly twirl and respond in a subtle sway to offer music in a state of weightlessness, beautiful, intelligent and modern.

Olivier Calmel, piano, direction
Johann Renard, violin
Frederic Eymard, viola
Xavier Phillips, cello
Clément Petit, cello
Antoine Banville, drums, percussion

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