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FLAC 44.1 $ 13.20
  • 1Te Quiero Con el Alma04:37
  • 2De Mis Soledades Vengo05:04
  • 3Arroyos Sonoros04:26
  • 4Amada Pastora Mía03:41
  • 5La Noche05:30
  • 6Desacordado de Loco04:21
  • 7País del Sueño03:07
  • 8Nace la Aurora03:32
  • 9Siendo Cenizas04:46
  • 10El Sol Tiene Que Salir00:52
  • 11La Soledad del Alba05:37
  • 12Se Me Apareció la Muerte04:34
  • Total Runtime50:07

Info for Zarabanda

Sebastián Cruz, who originally worked as a butcher but has been connected to nature and art since his early youth, is today one of the most characteristic voices of flamenco. An encounter a few years ago changed his life: the film The Seventh String with Gérard Depardieu as Marin Marais and especially the music of François Couperin and Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, played by Jordi Savall, never let him go.

Since this experience, Cruz, earthy and cosmopolitan, has been wandering every morning with greyhounds and horses through the Andalusian expanses of Huelva to the sounds of avant-garde baroque artists who appeal to him in a very special way. With his captivating voice, Cruz now undertakes a journey through more than a hundred years of flamenco rituals, penetrates a new world of sound and creates musical poems.

world and creates musical poems that speak from his innermost being. Sebastián Cruz opens up the strict flamenco tradition with an incomparable depth and voice. Cruz sees flamenco with his heart and, together with his partner and musical director Raúl Cantizano, a kindred spirit, creates stirring music that speaks to body and soul.

The album "Zarabanda" by Sebastián Cruz has 12 tracks and was released by producer Stefan Winter of Winter & Winter.

The album is under the musical direction of Raúl Cantizano - a distinctive and unique guitarist who has been involved in the most innovative flamenco projects of the 21st century, including his work with Niño de Elche - and the artistic advice of Pedro G. Romero - a multidisciplinary artist who has worked with Israel Galván, Niño de Elche and Rosalía, among others.

In the new work, he is accompanied by Raúl Cantizano on guitar, Marco Serrato on double bass, Juan Jiménez on winds and Antonio Moreno on drums. He also collaborates with Alfredo Lagos and Rafael Riqueni, who are considered great masters of the flamenco guitar.

Colombian songwriter and guitarist Sebastian Cruz has been at the forefront of the new Colombian music movement since arriving in NY in 1997. He has contributed his unique sound full of rhythmic ingenuity and melodic inventiveness, as well as his gift for visual and evocative lyrics in seminal projects covering the range from very traditional to highly experimental such as Lucia Pulido’s ensemble, La Cumbiamba eNeYé, Los Aliens, and his own Coba, and The Cheap Landscape Trio. As a teenager in Colombia in the 90s, Cruz was part of a budding local rock music scene with an interest in exploring the country’s rich musical traditions. Cruz started his life on stage performing original music at all the local venues, and the first three editions of Rock al Parque, the largest free rock festival in Latin America.

RAÚL CANTIZANO, flamenco guitar, e-guitar, palmas, hurdy-gurdy,voice, percussion
ALFREDO LAGOS, flamenco guitar
RAFAEL RIQUENI, flamenco guitar
JUAN M. JIMÉNEZ, baritone saxophone, gaita gastoreña [hornpipe], flauta rociera [flute]
MARCO SERRATO, double bass
ANTONIO MORENO, percussion

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