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Label: ARC

Genre: World Music

Subgenre: Flamenco

Artist: Vigüela

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  • 1Estrellitas matutinas03:14
  • 2Y te digo lo que siento04:46
  • 3Quisiera y no quisiera03:43
  • 4Jota el estilo de el Carpio de Tajo (Cualquier Jota no la sé)04:04
  • 5El pie derecho01:59
  • 6Añover de Tajo02:28
  • 7Olías del Rey01:41
  • 8El Carpio de Tajo02:43
  • 9Sones para el baile a tres06:45
  • 10El cantar del pollito04:22
  • 11Arsa y olá03:42
  • 12Ay, Vivito del alma02:27
  • 13Sí, sí, sí01:08
  • 14Antón, a la miel01:01
  • 15La dicha de la cigüeña05:56
  • 16Pajarito lindo00:19
  • 17Que vengo de lavar del río02:52
  • 18Tan pequeñita y con amores01:01
  • 19Finiquito de un gañán05:56
  • 20El cantar de Andrés José04:09
  • 21Camina09:22
  • Total Runtime01:13:38

Info for A la manera artesana

A la manera artesana presents the comprehensive range of regional styles within the traditional music of Viguela's homeland Castilla-La Mancha. Focusing on the stylistic approach of 'artisanal creativity', Viguela bring us rare repertoire from La Mancha Alta and La Mancha de Vejezate in the form of four dances fandango, rondeña, seguidilla and jota several a cappella tonadas and lively sones.

Spain is known worldwide for its glorious traditional music – flamenco. People are most likely to see the country’s cultural identity through its international flamenco stars. But this is only the tip of the Iberian iceberg… In fact, there are many other regional styles that deserve to be heard. Vigüela represents one of these from the Spanish heartland of Castilla-La Mancha, the world of another cultural icon, Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

Vigüela have found an audience in both rural and urban Spain. For the latter, they are like a window on a world that modern Spain, and the rest of the world, knows nothing about. Indeed, the life in El Carpio de Tajo (their hometown) is quite simple and mainly revolves around vegetables, fruit, sheep and goats.

The name of the band, Vigüela, is a local term for guitar. The word is similar to vihuela, which refers to a different Renaissance instrument, but they come from the same root. The band started around 1986 and have now recorded nine albums, the last three have been released internationally on ARC Music.


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