Harris: A Warm Day in Winter Various Artists - Truman Harris

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Label: Naxos

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

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  • Truman Harris (b. 1945): Rosemoor Suite:
  • 1Rosemoor Suite: I. Fantasia03:23
  • 2Rosemoor Suite: II. On the Trampoline01:55
  • 3Rosemoor Suite: III. By the Stream, Late September01:45
  • 4Rosemoor Suite: IV. Charleston01:27
  • 5Rosemoor Suite: V. Silent Movie03:35
  • Aulos Triptych:
  • 6Aulos Triptych: I. Light and Color02:24
  • 7Aulos Triptych: II. Dreams of Fantastic Places03:02
  • 8Aulos Triptych: III. A Warm Day in Winter03:14
  • Horn Concertino:
  • 9Horn Concertino: I. Allegro06:08
  • 10Horn Concertino: II. Arias & Recitatives. Andante07:10
  • 11Horn Concertino: III. Rondo. Allegretto giocoso03:27
  • Flowers:
  • 12Flowers: I. Pansy01:08
  • 13Flowers: II. Clover01:23
  • 14Flowers: III. Tulip01:26
  • 15Flowers: IV. Lavender01:12
  • 16Flowers: V. Kudzu00:57
  • 17Flowers: VI. Black-eyed Susan01:33
  • Sonata for 2 Bassoons & Piano:
  • 18Sonata for 2 Bassoons & Piano: I. Until Three05:41
  • 19Sonata for 2 Bassoons & Piano: II. Moon in the Water04:36
  • 20Sonata for 2 Bassoons & Piano: III. Rondo. Allegretto04:10
  • Flute Concertino:
  • 21Flute Concertino: I. Allegro06:57
  • 22Flute Concertino: II. Andante03:57
  • 23Flute Concertino: III. Rondo. Allegretto mosso04:24
  • Total Runtime01:14:54

Info for Harris: A Warm Day in Winter

The chamber music of contemporary American composer Truman Harris is informed by his experience as an orchestral musician; it is idiomatic, exciting, and frequently cast for unusual combinations of instruments. One such example is the unique Sonata for Two Bassoons and Piano, flavored with jazz, romance, and waltz-like elegance. Rosemoore Suite is a captivating ‘story without words’ moving from nostalgia to vitality, and the two Concertinos explore rich lyricism and playful virtuosity. Vibrant colors and a sense of vivid fantasy suffuse the radiant Aulos Triptych. The Eclipse Chamber Orchestra is well-known for its exceptional performances and diverse repertoire. Founded in 1992, and comprised of 22 members of the world-renowned National Symphony Orchestra, the membership also represents a convergence of instrumentalists from chamber ensembles based in Washington, DC, including the American Chamber Players, the Capitol Woodwind Quintet, and the Chamber Soloists of Washington.

Alice Kogan Weinreb, flute
Nicholas Stovall, oboe
Paul Cigan, clarinet
Truman Harris, bassoon
Laurel Bennert Ohlson, horn
Aaron Goldman, flute
Alice Kogan Weinreb, flute
Carole Bean, flute
Leah Arsenault Barrick, flute
Audrey Andrist, piano
Eclipse Chamber Orchestra
Sylvia Alimena
Laurel Bennert Ohlson, horn

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