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FLAC 44.1 $ 15.20
  • 1Dem Keys03:58
  • 2G Blues04:00
  • 37 Flights Down07:39
  • 4What It Was When It Wasn't05:00
  • 5Sloppy Joe the Fez-Man04:20
  • 6It's Blue See06:17
  • 7Jazz Night at the Neptune04:08
  • 8Back to Nowhere06:01
  • Total Runtime41:23

Info for Back To Nowhere

Back to Nowhere is Heavy Tin’s fifth record and comes eight years after their critically acclaimed fourth “Makeover” a JamBand heavy-rotation-chart-topping favorite on traditional radio. Back To Nowhere opens with a tune called Dem Keys a languid bop number with piano swinging over a slick walked bass with just enough synth to give it identity and flavor. One thing’s for sure Dem Keys is new and compelling. G Blues is a tune built like a metal fortress with bop jazz and rockabilly ramparts. The tune compounds uniquely in nondescript meters of both five and seven with basses so dense it’s like an army on the march. Seven Flights Down lands on a lighter tone keeping an easy flowing meter of seven throughout. It’s an avantgarde pop jazz thing that’s sure to win over plenty of listeners. What it Was When it Wasn’t is a bop jazz number but Heavy Tin diverted convention and gave to a more lavish coloration. Sloppy Joe the Fez-Man is a loose progressive sort of thing with no easily recallable antecedent. Next up “It’s Blue See” a blues number that took a turn north or south depending on your blue compass and landed amalgamated in musical limbo where it found sonority and phrase. Whatever this music is it’s easy to listen to music. Jazz Night at the Neptune is a jam with the fishes. Back to Nowhere, the title track, has uptown personality and low-town swag. It’s an industrial avantgarde jazz with plenty of syn-smack! Perhaps the true meaning of Back to Nowhere is that nowhere is somewhere to someone. So come Back To Nowhere and put your feet up.

Heavy Tin

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