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  • 1Svängo nuevo04:08
  • 2Dai pet!03:47
  • 3Vaaran takana / Behind the Forested Hill04:07
  • 4Nälkämaan lokari / Lumberjack from Hungerland05:06
  • 5Markku-Ukolle / To Old Man Markku04:13
  • 6Liukas Luikku / Slippery Slim Slope04:02
  • 7Shirtolainen / Shimmigrant05:15
  • 8Svänging the blues04:24
  • 9Kanteleen kisavirsi / Game Hymn from Kantele05:04
  • 10Marrasvalssi / October Waltz03:34
  • Total Runtime43:40

Info for Svängo Nuevo

Under the motto "Svängo Nuevo", the Finnish harmonica quartet Sväng is entering its third decade of band history! The 10th album is being released in time for the band's 20th anniversary and is also the first with Tapani Varis on bass harmonica.

In 2004, the ensemble made its debut with this unusual line-up. The self-titled debut album contained an irresistible musical mixture with a wide stylistic range. The unique ensemble sound quickly attracted international interest, followed by a womex showcase in 2007 and hundreds of concerts around the world, various awards and, in recent years, collaborations with symphony orchestras.

In 2022, Pasi Leino passed on the bass harmonica to Tapani Varis - on "Svängo Nuevo", the "2nd incarnation" of the band can be heard on record for the first time! And Tapani Varis is not only a worthy successor on the bass harmonica, but also works as a composer for Sväng.

While the last four albums were each dedicated to a musical theme (Jean Sibelius, Best of Sväng, Finnish Tango, Finnish Trad), "Svängo Nuevo" brings together ten new compositions by the four band members. The pieces of music are rooted in folk, but are wide open in their musical perspectives and reflect the individual personalities. Over the last two decades, Sväng have consistently developed their sound vision further and so the ensemble sound on "Svängo Nuevo" is more personal and recognisable than ever before.

Sväng are in a league of their own - they have matured as an ensemble over the past twenty years and yet have remained fresh and innovative!

The album's opening title track was penned by Eero Grundström and has its roots in his fascination with Argentinian vocal styles, particularly that of Melingo, whose rough, speech-like rhythmic flow inspired this piece. The result is a kind of dance - neither tango, nor milonga, but svängo!

Dance melodies are a recurring element on "Svängo Nuevo". Eero Turkka's "Dai Pet" (track 2) is inspired by the Bulgarian folk dance "Paidusko" - a line dance in 5/8 time. Eero Turkka's great love for and knowledge of Balkan music can also be heard in "Shirtolainen" (track 7) - also based on a folk dance in 7/8 time.

Finnish folk dance traditions in turn have influenced "Liukas Luikko" (track 6) and "Kanteleen kisavirsi" (track 9).

The catchy "Nälkämaan lokari" (track 4) is a homage to Finnish-American music and combines American old-time music with traditional Finnish music in its composition and playing technique. "Svänging the blues" (track 8) combines Eero Turkka's two great musical passions: Blues and Balkan music. A lure is needed to seduce the three band mates to a blues - in this case the Bulgarian Rachenitsa rhythm serves as an aphrodisiac.

"Markku ukolle" (track 5) is a memorial march dedicated to the deceased father-in-law, whose lively middle section is a reminder of a happy life.

Tapani Varis has contributed two compositions for "Svängo Nuevo": "Vaaran takana" (track 3) refers to Varis' profound knowledge of folk wind instruments and is reminiscent of the music of the shepherds in Karelia's forests played with various archaic woodwind instruments. Both soloists imitate the sound of the shepherds' woodwind instruments with blues harmonicas.

The album closes with "Marrasvalssi" (track 10), a waltz that reminds the listener of November (Finnish: marras) with atmospheric soundscapes ranging from bright morning moods to increasing darkness.

Eero Turkka, chromatic & diatonic harmonicas
Eero Grundström, chromatic & diatonic harmonicas
Jouko Kyhälä, harmonetta, diatonic harmonica
Tapani Varis, bass harmonica

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