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FLAC 44.1 $ 13.50
  • 1L'observatoire02:05
  • 2Extérieur Nuit04:19
  • 3Black Matter04:40
  • 4Puls Art04:44
  • 5L'orfèvre05:58
  • 6Kinetic Motion07:23
  • 7Saturn Diamonds04:04
  • 8Parallax04:58
  • 9The Deep Mirror04:05
  • 10Héliocentrique03:19
  • 11Song of Nowhere03:10
  • 12A Comet at Bronx05:32
  • 13Orbit04:52
  • Total Runtime59:09

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The piano trio with bass and drums is one of the paramount forms of jazz. It permeates history and is a sort of “banner” for the standard measure of this music and a reference point by which one may appreciate the evolution of a century-old form of jazz. And ORBIT is a new chapter in that story. A pun on the initials Oliva-Rainey-Boisseau International Trio, ORBIT is a theme that drives the music of the group, perfectly illustrating what today’s trio can be: a universe of individual paths, instruments, personalities in orbit around each other. Three spheres of attraction and freedom, influence and feed into the two others. This theme naturally lends itself to the tracks that make up the album - Circles, The Tourniquet, Spirals, Wavin - but the music itself draws its energy, kinetics and interactions from it.

"This album is the result of an encounter between three musicians, their stories and three worlds that interact, influence and feed each other simultaneously. The mutual attraction between Oliva, Rainey and Boisseau gives birth to a collective work wherein the music seems in perpetual motion. The multidimensional flow of Rainey’s drums multiplies the possibilities deliciously exploited by his partners. We thus rediscover a more coarse Oliva which does not negate the depth and color of his music at all. Boisseau obviously enjoys playing with Rainey, the depth of his bass and his understanding of playing, mesh together with those unique drums. Three spheres rotating around each other, within a larger space connecting to that of the listener. Now it is up to us to contemplate this constellation of musical stars and intertwined orbits, the pleasure of which lives up to the expectations of this fantastic trio." (CitizenJazz)

Stéphan Oliva, piano
Sébastien Boisseau, double bass
Tom Rainey, drums

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