In Passion (Live at Theaterhaus Stuttgart) Café del mundo

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Label: Fine Music

Genre: World

Subgenre: Flamenco

Artist: Café del mundo

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  • 1One Fine Day03:56
  • 2La Fiesta03:49
  • 3Uma Bossa04:58
  • 4Homenaje a Paco04:16
  • 5Tico Tico No Fubá02:48
  • 6Jueves04:56
  • 7La Perla03:35
  • 8Arabian Nights05:38
  • 9Leon Dormido04:22
  • 10Tempodrom03:04
  • 11Danza Espagnol03:17
  • 12Mediterranean Sundance / Rio Ancho06:41
  • 13Gypsy Spirit03:16
  • Total Runtime54:36

Info for In Passion (Live at Theaterhaus Stuttgart)

Two guitars dancing on a pearl. In their seemingly light-footed play, they combine the highest sensitivity with archaic elemental forces, a terrific passion with tender grace, traditional with modern elements, heartwarming melancholy with an exuberant zest for life. Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian are two award-winning Flamenco nuevo guitarists from the South of Germany who have wholly dedicated themselves to the music of southern Spain. The compositions for their group Café del mundo are based on centuries-old Flamenco dances like Solea, Buleria, Tientos and Latin-American rhythms as Salsa, Rumba and Samba.

Radically new, however, is that they set aside the traditional triad of Baile, Cante, Toque – dancing, singing and playing. Instead, they play their guitars in an unrestrained dialogue at the centre of the dramaturgy. Brilliantly and rousing, the two virtuosos make the music of the Flamenco guitar accessible to a wider public. Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian have met at a Flamenco guitar workshop in 2007. Since then, they have been united by their inspired work of composing and meanwhile regularly giving concerts with their group Café del mundo throughout Germany and in neighbouring European countries.

After having released their debut album 'La Perla' in April 2014, this phenomenal live album which has been recorded at Theaterhaus Stuttgart offers an overwhelming musical experience. The duo presents some tracks from their very well received album 'La Perla' but also other stunning songs.

Jan Pascal, classic guitar
Alexander Kilian, classic guitar

Café del Mundo
Opposites attract and creative tension sparks between plus and minus: The two exceptional artists Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian are like fire and ice – and this is precisely why they complement each other so well and form a musical symbiosis of world-class excellence. As a duo, they themselves embody the essence of a musical genre which combines opposites like no other does: authentic and timeless, dreamy and unrestrained, down-to-earth and mystic. Inbetween life and death the flamenco resounds.

“In passion” is a unique musical experience, recorded live in front of an audience at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart. Two gifted instrumental artists declaring their love for pure and genuine music. In a dialogue where virtuoso fragility and archaic vigour caress each other, they revel in pictures and tones, challenge each other, spurred on to musically outdo each other – and the same as between plus and minus, a magical aura develops which nobody can escape: Three encores and standing ovations conclude a sensational, unforgettable concert.

Jan Pascal, born in 1975, comes from a family of musicians. He received his first guitar as a present from his grandfather in Spain and his first lesson from an uncle. After his mother’s accidental death he first grew up at his grandparents’ and later on in a music boarding school. After lessons in singing and playing the piano and the guitar, he started his own recording studio in 1996 and founded the indie record label visioninmusic in 2002.

Alexander Kilian, born in 1987, is regarded as a child prodigy at the guitar. He received his multicultural musical education from Zaza Miminoshvili. At the age of 15, Alexander won his first international contest with the piece “Guajiras de Lucia” by Paco de Lucia, followed by numerous master classes and concert invitations to Israel, Russia, Georgia, Spain and Italy. In 2011 he received the art diploma for jazz guitar.

In 2007 the two artists met at a workshop for flamenco guitar. This meeting was followed by numerous concerts and CD recordings about which a critic wrote that he felt as if he were sitting in the legendary “Café Cantante”. This statement ultimately lead to the band being named “Café del Mundo”.

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