Indigo Snow John T Davis

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FLAC 44.1 $ 12.50
  • 1Indigo Snow04:04
  • 2Range Romance03:04
  • 3Coyote05:50
  • 4Richards' Electric05:13
  • 5Tailwind04:38
  • 6Hank's Song03:08
  • 7Over There05:07
  • 8Heartache on the Highway04:11
  • 9Beargrease07:54
  • Total Runtime43:09

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"Last Western Cowboy and Indigo Snow are a rich, well produced pair of CDs. Great hooks, great vocals, the steel guitar is so sweet and the fiddle and dobro work well with John’s haunting voice. Obviously he is a great story teller and that is what comes across in his music." (Peter McKeown, Country 600 CKAT, Canada)

"A beautifully created set of songs, John T. Davis is a man of honour and one to hold up as an example of being able to plough a different furrow that expected." (Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision)

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