Hindemith: Wind Sonatas Les Vents Français

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Label: Warner Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Les Vents Français

Composer: Paul Hindemith (1895–1963)

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  • Paul Hindemith (1895 - 1963): Flute Sonata:
  • 1Hindemith: Flute Sonata: I. Heiter bewegt05:02
  • 2Hindemith: Flute Sonata: II. Sehr langsam04:02
  • 3Hindemith: Flute Sonata: III. Sehr lebhaft - Marsch04:33
  • Oboe Sonata:
  • 4Hindemith: Oboe Sonata: I. Munter03:48
  • 5Hindemith: Oboe Sonata: II. Sehr langsam - lebhaft - sehr langsam - wieder lebhaft08:24
  • Clarinet Sonata:
  • 6Hindemith: Clarinet Sonata: I. Massig bewegt04:40
  • 7Hindemith: Clarinet Sonata: II. Lebhaft02:40
  • 8Hindemith: Clarinet Sonata: III. Sehr langsam06:16
  • 9Hindemith: Clarinet Sonata: IV. Kleines Rondo, gemachlich02:38
  • Bassoon Sonata:
  • 10Hindemith: Bassoon Sonata: I. Leicht bewegt02:13
  • 11Hindemith: Bassoon Sonata: II. Langsam - Marsch05:50
  • Althorn Sonata:
  • 12Hindemith: Althorn Sonata: I. Ruhig bewegt02:02
  • 13Hindemith: Althorn Sonata: II. Lebhaft03:32
  • 14Hindemith: Althorn Sonata: III. Sehr langsam01:49
  • 15Hindemith: Althorn Sonata: IV. Das Posthorn (Zwiegespräch)01:27
  • 16Hindemith: Althorn Sonata: Lebhaft02:33
  • Total Runtime01:01:29

Info for Hindemith: Wind Sonatas

The pieces by Paul Hindemith on this recording, have a special importance in the history of music. They stand at a crossroads, belonging to an era when progressive and post-Romantic tendencies still existed side by side. These five sonatas represent a deliberate return to a classical form, revealing, in Claude Rostand’s words, “a distinctive chromaticism that frees his emerging style from tonal instability and melodious fluidity”. It is the classical structures that he restores, “in so doing rejuvenating his very spirit with the most sovereign and daring freedom of thought”. Once again, these few words by Claude Rostand, who saw the composer “bearing the arms of Bach or Stravinsky”, seem to hit the nail on the head.

Les Vents Français

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