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Label: Losen Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Modern Jazz

Artist: Ivan Mazuze

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FLAC 44.1 $ 11.10
  • 1Rohingya07:47
  • 2Mantra04:12
  • 3Masessa05:38
  • 4Moya04:26
  • 5Lunde05:22
  • 6Wemba Wa05:55
  • 7Nchisi02:05
  • 8Griot05:12
  • 9Asante05:18
  • 10Baobab05:58
  • 11Khuloiya04:44
  • Total Runtime56:37

Info for Moya

The Mozambican language Xichangana has a word, 'Moya' that translates as 'spirit/soul'. And this album, rich with melodic and rhythmic delights that have been lovingly selected and sculpted from African and Indian traditional music, is in an all-embracing way, soul music. An elegant and playful saxophone tone coupled with extrovert musical energy, which can occasionally provide associations to American greats despite the fact that: The roots are still deeply in African tradition and rhythm. Call it world jazz, fusion or African jazz, the result is extremely listenable! Globally, it's a good way from Mozambique to Oslo, and it's no less shorter to take a tour round Cape Town. Musically speaking, the distance has nevertheless proved to be astonishingly short. The saxophonist Ivan Mazuze already had a long and bright career in his homeland when,almost ten years ago, he followed his heart and traveled northwards. Here he has become a vital part of the capital's music life and has more recordings and international tours behind him.

"Ivan Mazuze pushes the boundaries of contemporary jazz to include a variety of influences and sounds beyond its usual borders. Assured and virtuosic playing by Mazuze and his collaborators pull it all together into a kind of global musical language with an accessible and melodic appeal." (All About Jazz)

Ivan Mazuze, saxophones, flute, hand claps, percussion, vocals
Olga Konkova, piano, Rhodes
Bjorn Vidar Solli, guitar
Per Mathisen, bass
Raciel Torres, drums
Hanne Tvester, vocal
Ibou Cissokho, kora
Sidiki Camara, percussion, talking drums, calabash
Sanskriti Shretsha, tablas, vocals

Recorded August 2018 by Giert Clausen at Fersk Lyd Studios, Oslo

Ivan Mazuze
is a Norway based composer, award winning saxophonist and world jazz artist of Mozambique origin. Mazuze initiated his studies in music at his home country Mozambique at the National Music School in 1987 with piano as first instrument. After 7 years of classical piano training Mazuze joined the woodwind section of the same school with jazz study approach with focus on improvisation. After finishing the basic elementary music school, Mazuze continued his studies at the Department of Jazz and Ethnomusicology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Ivan Mazuze is Honors degree in jazz and composition studies and Masters graduate in ethnomusicology at University of Cape Town. Mazuze also writes ethnomusicological articles about music and trance in ritual practices, which has been released in the educational magazine “The Talking Drum”.

From the start Mazuze had a clear vision of what he had to do in order to reveal himself as a solo artist in the music industry.

In 2002 Mazuze is a winner at Old Mutual Jazz Competition in the category of Composition in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mazuze realized that educating himself and mastering his instruments was not enough, and while studying he set up his own production and publishing company to handle the administration and business side of his career. As with all aspiring musicians, at a young age, Mazuze dreamt of the day when he would record his own music.

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