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  • 1Marxa06:17
  • 2Fandangos Naturales12:08
  • 3Fandango de Morente (Cartagenera)06:25
  • 4A Mis Padres (Zambra)06:13
  • 5Serranía (Malagueña)05:39
  • 6Malecón (Guajira)05:51
  • 7Malagueña y Abandolaos07:52
  • 8Guajiras05:44
  • 9Cantiñas05:22
  • 10Femenino (Guajira)05:42
  • 11Un Poco Más, Algo Menos (Tientos)06:43
  • 12Contracorriente (Bulerías)03:34
  • 13Bulerías04:20
  • 14Romeras - Cantiñas04:58
  • 15Tangos flamencos03:23
  • 16Soleares de Cádiz03:14
  • 17Tanguillos 'Cai es un suspiro'03:25
  • 18Cante de Levante06:21
  • 19Romance07:18
  • Total Runtime01:50:29

Info for El triángulo del flamenco

The audio travelogues by Winter&Winter do not look for the exceptional, but for the soul. We search for the 'being' of cultural landscapes, which have grown over the centuries. In the heritage of the people's music sounds the soul and the 'being' of landscapes is passed on with song and tradition, from generation to generation, in a non-written custom. This music comes anonymously from the people as Goethe says. A tiny recording team from Winter&Winter travels around the world. We wander and roam through foreign countries to experience the characteristic colours of music, to inhale the melodies and to feel the rhythms. We do not search for famous and prominent musicians, we are not looking for a breathtaking experience, but we want to discover the wonderful small sensations. We open our ears, to be able to dive into a foreign culture. People's music is still flowing over the country, it is still possible to listen to a landscape, but the world is shrinking because of fast connections and also because the internet is changing everything. And it can happen that the characteristics of a landscape rapidly fade away. Today it has already become apparent that the non-written custom from generation to generation is dying out. Everything changes constantly. We reach new horizons, values shift, old terms and 'old' values loose their meaning. The audio travelogues from Winter&Winter are like photographs, they capture the crucial moment, and if the records are exceptionally strong then you can hear the soul of a landscape.

Already in the 18th century the flamenco triangle is considered as the cradle of flamenco. That alone is a good enough reason for Mariko Takahashi, the graphic artist Guenter Mattei, the flamenco expert Jerónimo Navarrete and me to travel to Sevilla, Jerez and Cádiz in order to detect genuine culture and music full of emotion, sensuality and fierceness. For centuries melodies, chords and rhythms have been passed on from generation to generation. My microphone goes to an adventure in Andalusia and discovers the folk art of flamenco on streets and places, in small bars and private houses. The quote from Erich Kaestner 'a saphead visits in foreign countries a museum, a wise person visits the tavernas' is our motto. The real flamenco is often not performed on stages of concert halls. For more then 300 years flamenco pulses in the organism of Andalusia. This music is the voice of Andalusia and the album »El triángulo del flamenco« gives the listener the possibility to experience very closely the people, the landscape and the culture.

Raúl Cantizano, hurdy-gurdy
Antonio Montiel, percussion
Paco Marin, vocals
Sebastián Cruz, vocals
David Carrasco, vocals
Carmelo Vides, guitar
Rafael Rodríguez, guitar
Vicente Gelo, vocals
Tino Van Der Sman, guitar
Carmen de la Jara, vocals
Juan José Alba, guitar
Diego Montoya, hand clapping
Pedro de la Chana, hand clapping

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