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  • 1Know Who You Are At Every Age (Remastered 2024)03:38
  • 2Evangeline (Remastered 2024)04:29
  • 3Bluebeard (Remastered 2024)03:54
  • 4Theft, And Wandering Around Lost (Remastered 2024)04:30
  • 5Oil Of Angels (Remastered 2024)04:37
  • 6Squeeze-Wax (Remastered 2024)03:48
  • 7My Truth (Remastered 2024)04:32
  • 8Essence (Remastered 2024)03:01
  • 9Summerhead (Remastered 2024)03:37
  • 10Pur (Remastered 2024)05:02
  • Total Runtime41:08

Info for Four-Calendar Café (Remastered 2024)

Newly remastered! Four-Calendar Café was the first of two Cocteau Twins albums previously released via Capitol Records in the U.S. and celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023. It's yet to be formally released on vinyl outside Europe. That all changes in January 2024 when 4AD will reissue Four-Calendar Café and Milk & Kisses in the United States.

Like most Cocteau Twins works before it, Four-Calendar Café was recorded and produced by the band, this time at their September Sound studio on the banks of the Thames in West London. A beautiful yet bittersweet record featuring the singles "Bluebeard," "Evangeline" and "Summerhead," the band manifest maturity and fragility in equal measure, and while Liz's lyrics remain cryptic, they're more intelligible here. Complete with a memorable design of inanimate objects by the I Spy children's book creator Walter Wick, Four-Calendar Café still stands tall going into its fourth decade.

"Cocteau Twins' first release following their exodus from the 4AD stable, Four-Calendar Café is also, tellingly, their most earthbound effort; as with Heaven or Las Vegas, the emphasis here is on substance as much as style -- "Evangeline," "Bluebeard," and "Know Who You Are at Every Age" continue the trio's advance into more accessible melodic and lyrical ground without sacrificing even an ounce of their trademark ethereality." (AMG)

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