Schubert: Winterreise Andrè Schuen & Daniel Heide

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Label: Deutsche Grammophon (DG)

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Andrè Schuen & Daniel Heide

Composer: Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

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  • Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828): Winterreise, D. 911:
  • 1Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 1, Gute Nacht06:04
  • 2Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 2, Die Wetterfahne01:51
  • 3Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 3, Gefrorne Tränen02:37
  • 4Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 4, Erstarrung02:48
  • 5Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 5, Der Lindenbaum05:24
  • 6Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 6, Wasserflut04:32
  • 7Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 7, Auf dem Flusse03:38
  • 8Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 8, Rückblick02:08
  • 9Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 9, Irrlicht03:04
  • 10Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 10, Rast03:35
  • 11Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 11, Frühlingstraum04:36
  • 12Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 12, Einsamkeit03:00
  • 13Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 13, Die Post02:28
  • 14Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 14, Der greise Kopf03:27
  • 15Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 15, Die Krähe02:15
  • 16Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 16, Letzte Hoffnung02:13
  • 17Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 17, Im Dorfe03:37
  • 18Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 18, Der stürmische Morgen00:50
  • 19Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 19, Täuschung01:42
  • 20Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 20, Der Wegweiser04:46
  • 21Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 21, Das Wirtshaus04:18
  • 22Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 22, Mut01:25
  • 23Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 23, Die Nebensonnen03:02
  • 24Schubert: Winterreise, D. 911: No. 24, Der Leiermann04:04
  • Total Runtime01:17:24

Info for Schubert: Winterreise

Andrè Schuen's two recordings of Schubert's late, great song cycles received fantastic reviews. For “The Beautiful Müllerin,” for example, Gramophone wrote: “great, free baritone voice, used with taste and unchanging sensitivity for the text.” And the second recording “Schwanengesang” was honored with an OPUS KLASSIK in the “Solo Vocal” category in 2023.

Daniel Heide, Schuen's long-time duo partner, accompanied both recordings on the piano. Now Andrè Schuen and Daniel Heide complete their trilogy of Schubert's great song cycles with a moving reading of Winterreise. For many, Winterreise is the crowning achievement of the song repertoire. “It is the first work that comes to mind when you talk about songs,” says Andrè Schuen, pointing to the alternation between movement and standstill in the songs: “There are images in which time seems to stand completely still, States of the soul in harmony with the frozen winter nature. Then again it goes further and further.”

"Andrè Schuen can and does everything: to sing in pianissimo with restraint and almost tonelessly, as in "Leise beg, my songs through the night" or to raise his voice in a completely operatic manner. He often mixes mysteriously dark colors into his extremely beautifully timbred baritone, like him In general, when it comes to low tones, it exudes a sonority like a real bass. Sometimes you get the feeling that the big man becomes a little boy who sings loudly to himself in the dark cellar, whether with almost vibratoless finesse or with a virile, wide-ranging tone “The Atlas”, the first Heine setting: Like a gifted actor, Andrè Schuen uses all the voices in his heart, chest and vocal cords to tell his own story in each song. How wonderful that is you can just let the album play again from the beginning!" (Klaus Kalchschmid,

Andre Schuen, baritone
Daniel Heide, piano

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