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  • 1Last Winter02:58
  • 2Drops of Light04:47
  • 3Are Eyes Open?01:33
  • 4No Tears04:13
  • 5The Pillow Book06:30
  • 6Face of the Bass06:28
  • 7Calcagno02:50
  • 8Out of Sight02:37
  • 9While in Rome02:27
  • 10Motion in the Ocean02:49
  • 11And If Not, Why Not02:58
  • 12Underfelt02:08
  • 13Who's Going to Bell the Cat?04:27
  • 14The End Justifies the Means02:12
  • Total Runtime48:57

Info for Auge

"I really love the piano trio," says Aki Takase, with a passion that mirrors her playing. "But not the old idea, where the pianist is king, and the bassist and the drummer are just sidemen. We are equal."

Indeed, all three musicians are in focus in the trio AUGE: bassist Christian Weber and drummer Michael Griener are among the most original virtuosos of their instruments. On Intakt they have presented brilliant albums with the New York saxophonist Ellery Eskelyn.

Christian Weber recorded albums with Co Streiff and Oliver Lake. Michael Griener is a member of the band Die Enttäuschung and Monks Casino with Alexander von Schlippenbach. Over the course of nearly four decades pianist Aki Takase has provided fresh impetus with different musicians such as reedists David Murray and Rudi Mahall or fellow pianist (and husband) Alexander von Schlippenbach.

The Berlin-based Chicago journalist Peter Margasak writes about the recording: "The music on the debut album from the collective trio AUGE is wide-open, operating from an unobstructed vista where every­thing seems possible ... Free improvisation rarely sounds so cogent, rippling with an adroit command of rhythm and harmony that erases the line between design and spontaneity."

Aki Takase, piano
Christian Weber, double bass
Michael Griener, drums

Aki Takase
Geboren in Osaka und studierte Musik in Tokyo /Japan. Ab 1978 gab sie Konzerte und machte Aufnahmen in den USA und in Japan mit Lester Bowie, Cecil Mcbee, Bob Moses, Joe Henderson, Joe Chambers, David Liebmann, John Zorn und anderen. 1981 gab sie ihr erstes europäisches Konzert beim Jazzfest Berlin. Ab 1988 Alexander v. Schlippenbach mit dem Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, auch im Duo mit Maria Joao.Von den 90 Jahren an bis heute „Duo“ mit Alex von Schlippenbach, David Murray, Rudi Mahall, Louis Sclavis. Seit 2000 bis heute „LOK.03“ mit Alexander v. Schlippenbach und DJIIIVibe. „Fats Waller“ Projekt mit Eugene Chadbourne, Nils Wogram, Rudi Mahall und Paul Lovens. “Klang und Texte „mit der Schriftstellerin Yoko Tawada „Die Stadt im Klavier“ mit der Tänzerin Yui Kawaguchi. Ab 2018 im Quintett Japanic“ mit Daniel Erdmann, DJlllVibe, Johannes Fink, Dag Magnus Narvesen, sowie im „Duo“ mit Daniel Erdmann, im Trio „AUGE“ (mit Christian Weber, Michael Griener) und auch im Duo „Carmen Rhapsody“ mit Mayumi Nakamura.

Christian Weber
The Zürich born and based bassist Christian Weber is part of the steady working groups Mersault (with Tomas Korber (guit, elec) and Christian Wolfarth (dr)) , Wiesendanger-Weber-Ulrich (with Chris Wiesendanger (p) and D. Ulrich (dr)), WAL (with Joke Lanz (turntables) and Bruno Amstad (voc)), WWW (with Michel Wintsch (p) und Christian Wolfarth (dr)). His own Quintet‘s CD will be released in October 2006 on HatHut. The band consists of Hans Koch (cl), Michael Moser (vcl), Martin Siewert (lapsteel, electronics) & Christian Wolfarth (dr). Beside his work in the electro-acoustic & jazz field he‘s regularly playing contemporary composed music, theatermusic and filmmusic. Over the years he participated in a lot of projects like Sudden Infant, Die Welttraumforscher, Steamboat Switzerland, Collegium Novum, Big Zoom, Co Streiff Sextett, Momentum, EFZEG, releasing CDs on various labels like LeoRecords, Unit, Quakebasket, HatHut and cut. Christian Weber received for his works grants of the City of Zürich and ProHelvetia and in the last years he toured all over the world, playing on festivals like Jazz Meeting TelAviv, Hörgänge Wien, Jazzfestival Schaffhausen, Festival de Jazz Grenoble, Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon, Uncool Poschiavo, Wien Modern, Moers Festival, LEM Barcelona, Taktlos Zürich, Visions Festival New York. He collaborated with Peter Kowald, Otomo Yoshihide, Irène Schweizer, Charles Gayle, Lol Coxhill, Günter Müller, Norbert Möslang, Jason Kahn, Elliot Sharp, Simon Nabatov, Evan Parker, John Butcher, Franz Hautzinger, Olaf Rupp, Stephan Wittwer, Lucas Niggli, Nils Wogram, Boris Hauf, Jacques Demierre, Martin Schütz, Phil Minton and others.

Michael Griener
Born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1968, began playing drums in 1982, lives in Berlin since 1994. Under the influence of the HOHE-UFER-concerts initiated by Günter Christmann he became involved early on in the various forms of Jazztradition, Free Improvisation and New Music, which led to a longer collaboration with Christmann in his Vario-projects (a.o. C.I.M.-Festival Den Haag 1990, Moers-Festival 1992, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik1993).

He has worked frequently with dancers, actors and poets (most recently in a project on Paul Celan with German writer Oskar Ansull). His duo KIMMO ELOMAA with electronic wizard jayrope received a grant by the city of Berlin in 2002 Received the 1. price as “most creative soloist” at the “New German Jazz Award” in 2006.

His current projects include a.o.: Uli Gumpert Quartet, TGW (Thieke-Griener-Weber), a Duo with Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Lacy Pool, Squakk and Carl-Ludwig Hübsch‘ Primordial Soup. Michael Griener teaches jazz drumming at the University for Music “Carl Maria v. Weber” in Dresden and jazz-history and rhythm at the Jazzschule Berlin

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