Bach: The Cello Suites - Recomposed by Peter Gregson Peter Gregson

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  • Peter Gregson (1987 - ):
  • 11.1 Prelude02:01
  • 21.2 Allemande02:02
  • 31.3 Courante02:27
  • 41.4 Sarabande02:14
  • 51.5 Menuetts04:28
  • 61.6 Gigue02:00
  • 72.1 Prelude03:36
  • 82.2 Allemande02:06
  • 92.3 Courante01:40
  • 102.4 Sarabande04:26
  • 112.5 Menuetts04:04
  • 122.6 Gigue03:40
  • 133.1 Prelude03:59
  • 143.2 Allemande03:12
  • 153.3 Courante03:37
  • 163.4 Sarabande03:54
  • 173.5 Bourrées02:00
  • 183.6 Gigue01:56
  • 194.1 Prelude05:13
  • 204.2 Allemande02:39
  • 214.3 Courante02:02
  • 224.4 Sarabande04:49
  • 234.5 Bourrées02:39
  • 244.6 Gigue03:47
  • 255.1 Prelude02:43
  • 265.2 Allemande03:35
  • 275.3 Courante02:42
  • 285.4 Sarabande03:33
  • 295.5 Gavottes03:08
  • 305.6 Gigue02:40
  • 316.1 Prelude02:27
  • 326.2 Allemande03:35
  • 336.3 Courante02:17
  • 346.4 Sarabande06:50
  • 356.5 Gavottes02:10
  • 366.6 Gigue02:49
  • Total Runtime01:53:00

Info for Bach: The Cello Suites - Recomposed by Peter Gregson

Die beliebten Cello Suiten von Bach Recomposed, modern und grandios! Auf „Recomposed by Peter Gregson: Bach – The Cello Suites“ spielt nicht ein einziger Solist, es spielen sechs Cellisten, darunter Gregson selbst, die Stücke, die er in ein subtiles elektronisches Klangbett gelegt hat. Er habe sich Bachs Kompositionen nicht als Bild gedacht, also zweidimensional, sondern als Skulptur, beschreibt Gregson. Auch wenn das Objekt gleich bleibe, könne man es drehen und wenden, es aus wechselnden Perspektiven betrachten, das Licht darauf richten und unterschiedliche Schattenformen sehen, verschiedene Gefüge erkennen.

Peter Gregson, Cello
Richard Harwood, Cello
Ben Chappell, Cello
Reinoud Ford, Cello
Katherine Jenkinson, Cello
Tim Lowe, Cello

Peter Gregson
is a cellist and composer "working at the forefront of the new music scene" (The New Yorker) Recently, he has premiered works by composers including Tod Machover, Daníel Bjarnason, Gabriel Prokofiev, Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Steve Reich, and Sally Beamish; he collaborates with many of the world’s leading technologists, including Microsoft Labs, UnitedVisualArtists, Reactify and the MIT Media Lab.

Peter developed and was commissioned to compose ‘The Listening Machine‘, a data sonification of Twitter in collaboration with Daniel Jones and Britten Sinfonia for the BBC/Arts Council’s “The Space”, where it ran continuously between May-January 2013.

His debut solo album, ‘Terminal’, was commissioned by Bowers & Wilkins and launched in April 2010. A limited edition 10′′ vinyl was commissioned by Mute in May 2011, featuring new solo works for Peter written by Max Richter and Jóhann Jóhannsson and was released at the ‘Short Circuit’ Festival at The Roundhouse. In May 2012, Nonclassical released Gabriel Prokofiev’s ‘Cello Multitracks’, a cello suite written for Peter which the two have toured around the world.

'Lights in the Sky', his second studio album, composed for cello, piano, and analogue synthesisers, was released at Imogen Heap's 'Reverb Festival' in August 2014.

His third studio album, TOUCH, will be released on Sono Luminus in August 2015.

In demand for his work across major film and television soundtracks, Spitfire Audio developed a sample library of Peter's extended techniques and sounds from his blue, five-string electric cello, all recorded at Pixel, his studio in London.

The score to his first feature film, 'A Little Chaos' , directed by Alan Rickman and starring Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts, is available now on Milan Records.

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