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  • Sergei Prokofiev (1891 - 1953): Pieces For Piano From "Romeo And Juliet" Op.75 :
  • 11. Folk Dance04:09
  • 22. Scene (The Street Wakens)01:42
  • 33. Minuet (The Arrival Of The Guests)03:37
  • 44. Juliet As A Young Girl03:49
  • 55. Masks02:29
  • 66. Montagues And Capulets04:11
  • 77. Friar Laurence02:42
  • 88. Mercutio02:34
  • 99. Dance Of The Girls With The Lillies02:36
  • 1010. Romeo & Juliet Before Parting08:31
  • Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (1839 - 1881): Pictures At An Exhibition:
  • 111. Promenade. Allegro giusto, nel modo rustico, senza allegrezza, ma poco sostenuto - attacca01:24
  • 122. Gnomus.Sempre vivo02:44
  • 133. Promenade. Moderato commodo assai e con delicatezza - attacca00:55
  • 144. The Old Castle.Andantino molto cantabile e con dolore04:27
  • 155. Promenade. Moderato non tanto,pesamente - attacca00:28
  • 166. The Tuileries Gardens. Allegretto non troppo troppo, capriccioso01:01
  • 177. Bydlo. Sempre moderato, pesante03:37
  • 188. Promenade. Tranquillo - attacca00:50
  • 199. Ballet Of The Chickens In Their Shells01:13
  • 2010. Samuel Goldenberg And Schmuyle. Andante. Grave-energico - Andantino02:10
  • 2111. Promenade. Allegro giusto, nel modo russico, poco sostenuto - attacca01:24
  • 2212. The Market-place at Limoges.Allegretto vivo,sempre scherzando - attacca01:25
  • 2313. The Catacombs (Sepulchrum romanum).Largo - attacca01:49
  • 2414. Con Mortuis In Lingua Mortua. Andante non troppo, con lamento02:00
  • 2515. The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yaga). Allegro con brio, feroce - Andante mosso - Allegro molto - attacca03:23
  • 2616. The Great Gate Of Kiev. Allegro alla breve. Maestoso. Con grandezza05:36
  • Total Runtime01:10:46

Info for Mussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibtion / Prokofiev: Romeo And Juliet

Kanon Matsuda started her training at 4 years of age with Professor Yoshiko Hosoda. Beginning in 2002, Kanon was a student of the Gnessin Secondary Special Music School (college), in the class of Professor Elena Ivanova.

In March of 2004, Kanon was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Piano Competition in memory of Grieg in Moscow. In November of 2006, she was the winner and recipient of the Golden Nutcracker in the 7th International Television Competition for Young Musicians “The Nutcracker” in Moscow. In January of 2007, she appeared before the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexey II at the children's Christmas party which was organized in the patriarchal residence in the Danilov Monastery.

Kanon Matsuda, piano

Kanon Matsuda
In March 2004 in Moscow at the International Piano and Piano Ensembles Competition dedicated to the memory of Edward Grieg, Kanon was named the winner of the I Prize (Grand Prix). In November 2006, at the seventh International Television Competition for Young Musicians "Nutcracker", Kanon took the first place and received the "Golden Nutcracker". In April, 2009, in New York at AADGT International Young Musicians Competition "Passion of Music 2009" she took a gold medal. In November 2010, in Aktobe at the international competition "Classic 2010" Kanon received the Grand Prix. In May 2011, she won the third prize at the IX International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz in Kiev. In November 2011, Kanon won Skryabin’s scholarship "Path to Skryabin." In March 2012, she was named the winner of the festival of romantic music of young musicians in Moscow. In February 2013 Kanon was recognized as the best student in 2012 at Moscow Secondary Special Music School (College) after Gnesins.

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