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Solo Traverso

Label: Fidelio Records
Release: 01.03.2012
Genre: Klassik
Chamber Music

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  • Klassik
    Phantastische Flöte
    Solo Traverso
    Grégoire Jeay
    Fidelio Records
    Prelude, fantasy, capriccio, folia, bizzaria, invention, toccata—such free forms abound in Baroque music. Some may...

READ ABOUT >>> Grégoire Jeay

Grégoire Jeay - Flutist
Specializing in Baroque flute, Grégoire Jeay frequently performs in Quebec and in Canada, and has played in France, Belgium, Mexico, Turkey, the UK, and the US. He is recognized for his musicality and his expressiveness, as well as for his great skills in ornamentation and improvisation. His virtuosity on the transverse flute is equally appreciated on the recorder and various flutes from around the world.

He is a member of several prominent early music ensembles, with which he regularly performs and records, including Tafelmusik, Les Idées heureuses, Theatre of Early Music, Les Voix humaines, Ensemble Caprice, La Mandragore, Constantinople, Skye Consort and La Nef. He has performed with such internationally renowned artists as Karina Gauvin, Suzie LeBlanc, Emma Kirkby, Marie-Josée Lord, Hélène Guillemette, Daniel Taylor, Luc Beauséjour, Sylvain Bergeron, Simon Standage, Olivier Brault, and Hendrik Bouman. In parallel to his activities as a flutist, Grégoire Jeay composes and arranges soundtracks and other types of works for a variety of instruments.

Sylvain Bergeron - Archiluth / Archlute
Sylvain Bergeron, co-founder of La Nef musical ensemble, of which he is one of the three artistic directors, has been at the helm of some twenty productions, many of which have garnered prizes and awards.

He is in great demand on the Canadian musical scene as an accomplished performer of the lute and the theorbo. He gives more than sixty concerts per season with the country’s most renowned early music ensembles and orchestras. Sylvain has performed and recorded with many soloists including Emma Kirkby, James Bowman, Jordi Savall, David Daniels, Magdalena Kozena, Michael Chance, Charles Daniels, Daniel Taylor, Karina Gauvin, Suzie LeBlanc, Vivica Genaux, Matthew White, Agnès Melon, and Anne Azéma.

He has played around the world under the direction of well-known conductors and has taken part in more than sixty recordings on the Atma, Dorian, Analekta, PGM, and CBC labels. Sylvain Bergeron teaches lute and Baroque guitar at McGill University and Université de Montréal.

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