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Label: Fidelio Records
Release: 2012
Genre: World Music

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READ ABOUT >>> Marc Vallée Trio

  • World Music
    Verschiedene Stile
    Marc Vallée Trio
    Fidelio Records
    This somewhat unusual trio has broken away from the traditional guitar/base/drum formation. Gravitating around Marc...

READ ABOUT >>> Marc Vallée Trio

This somewhat unusual trio has broken away from the traditional guitar/bass/drum formation. Gravitating around Marc Vallée's acoustic guitar, it has assembled a repertoire of original compositions coloured only by its various experiences: folk, jazz, improvisations, etc. Each of this trio’s musicians has at least 20 years’ experience in various musical contexts.

Marc Vallée was the founder, main composer and lead guitarist of the Contrevent group that hit the road for a solid 15 years from 1979 to 1994. Contrevent has performed in a number of jazz festivals throughout North America and Europe, namely, in Vancouver and Montreal. Marc has accompanied numerous European and Quebec artists such as Julos Beaucarne, Jacques Haurogné, Anne Sylvestre, Claire Gignac, Maurane, Claire Pelletier, Sylvie Tremblay, Daniel Lavoie and Luc de Larochelière. Marc performed as the solo guitarist with the Quebec Symphony Orchestra at a concert commemorating the Beatles. The OSQ was conducted by the Beatles producer himself, Sir George Martin. In December 2000, Marc also participated in a Japan tour for Steve Barakatt. Marc has composed over 60 musical pieces for the theatre, movies and multimedia projects. His music has been heard in many European countries as well as in Canada and the United States.

Christian Paré has studied and played a variety of music styles, including Indian (with Zakir Hussain of Shakti and Ali Akbar Khan), Balinese, and Native American Indian, American Latino, Brazilian and African music. Christian has accompanied numerous artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Karen Young, André-Philippe Gagnon, Harvey Mandell, Sal Bernardi, Big Moose Walker, Karl Perazzo and Billy Johnson from Santana’s group, Claire Pelletier, Richard Séguin, Richard Desjardins, Michel Rivard, Daniel Bélanger, Bet.e. & Stef, and many more. He was the percussionist for the Cirque du Soleil’s “Alegria” show. He has also toured Japan and Taiwan three times for Steve Barakatt.

At the opening show of Bruno Pelletier’s Quebec tour, David Hughes fascinated the public by playing the didgeridoo, a large trumpet of the Australian Aborigines. David also developed the technique for playing the 10-string bass guitar known as the Stick, which he played with Mario Chénart at the Montreal Francofolies. He has also played with numerous singers and groups, namely, Claire Vézina and Shower Team.

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