Download Manager

The HIGHRESAUDIO Download-Manager is a tool to speed up and enhance the process of downloading music on to your computer. The Download Manager offers a fast, more efficient, method of downloading your music as well as offering you the ability to pause, resume and to archive your downloads.

You will find our Download Manager here below on this page or in My Account -> My Downloads. Click the „Download“ button and follow the on-screen instructions.

What are my system requirements?

Operating System (OS) requirements:
Windows, Linux or Mac (older OS may not be supported)
Browser requirements:
Internet Explorer 8.x, Firefox 3.x, Safari 5.x

Java Requirements
JRE (Java Runtime Engine) 1.6

Tip: There‘s no Java 1.6 for Not Intel-Mac‘s or Mac‘s OS10.5. Possible solution is Soylatte.
Java 1.6 is only available for Mac 10.5, 64-bit. Unfortunately Apple does not supply Java for 32-bit machines.

Do I need to install the Download-Manager to buy music?

Yes. If you choose to buy albums and songs you should install our Download-Manager to transfer your purchased High-Res-Audio music to your computer. You can still choose to download music directly from your download-list in „My Downloads“ without using our Download-Manager as long as you are downloading them one at a time. However, if you have added more than one album or many songs to your download-list, we do recommend to use our Download-Manager to download the list of music files. You can always choose to use your browser for downloads. Read more in our FAQ.

The installation of the Download-Manager is easy and you will be notified throughout your shopping experience that the Download Manager is installed or requires installation through the use of a Java check.

Download-Manager Step-by-step:

To begin downloading albums and/or tracks using the Download-Manager follow these 4 simple steps:To begin downloading albums and/or tracks using the Download-Manager follow these 4 simple steps:
1. Your purchased music is in "My Downloads
2. Launch the Download-Manager
3. Confirm that music to be saved to the default folder: Verify the save location under "Settings" default location or specify a different location
4. Select „Start Downloads“ to begin the download process. You can also use the Download-Manager to download the booklet and cover art at the same time as the music!

For Apple Mountain Lion Step-by-step:

-> Systemeinstellungen -> Sicherheit -> unten Klicken in das Schloss unten links -> Administrator Passworteingabe -> Kurzfristig keine Einschränkungen anklicken muss (anschließend o.k. klicken) -> dann HRA Download Manager installieren -> nach Installation wieder auf "Mac App Store und bestimmte Entwickler" anklicken -> Schloss schließen.

Problems: OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
Deactivate "Nap App". This function sets the background programs in sleep mood and causes problems during download.
To prevent this, click with the right mouse button on the (found in the Applications folder), select "information" and check "Nap App" by selecting the checkbox.
Windows: Download
Linux: Download
Mac OS 10.7.: Download
Mac OS 10.9.: Download

The HIGHRESAUDIO Download-Manager is freeware; you can redistribute it unmodified, in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.